Boost your website for our new version

We're in the mood for celebrating here at doomby, with our next fantastic version due for release next week, September 28. As our way of sharing the love, and for saying "thanks" for being part of what makes doomby everything it is, we're offering existing and new members discounts on domain names and doombyPLUS to help you make a website you'll be proud of.

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Filter access to your site content

Reserve site content for membersOne of the best features of doombyPLUS is the ability to create a website with a dedicated content area for your site members. Filtering access to certain site pages, reserving them for your registered site members, adds value to your site. It also ensures you keep a tight control over who sees what, by applying it to page comments or blog posting, and is a great way to share the workload of your daily site management.

We’ve recently enhanced the members-only features available to doombyPLUS members – here’s an overview of what’s new.

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Crazy Christmas Gift-giving Madness Takes Planet By Surprise. In October.

It's our gift to you: Christmas in October!I'll confess that my southern-hemisphere roots often leave me feeling a little perplexed around Christmas time. The December cold and the lack of sunshine of my adopted northern-hemisphere home have little to do with my own memories of Christmas, which for me means BBQs, cold cuts and air conditioning. These days, figuring out just how best to celebrate the holiday season is still somewhat a work in progress.

This year, my colleagues and I here at doomby - the home of your very own free website builder – have compromised by deciding to celebrate Christmas a little early. As October isn't the right time for secret Santa in the workplace, we thought we'd give you the gifts instead, to help ensure you make a website that's just right for you.

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A gift from us to you: discounted domain registration and doombyPLUS

The gift of giving e-commerceIt could've been the fact that few of us here at doomby actually have any offspring of our own to shower gifts upon (at least, that we know about). Or perhaps it was the … intoxication ... of last weekend's outings. In any case, it doesn't matter because whatever it was, you win. Overwhelmed by the spirit of giving, we've decided to make it cheaper to make a website with all the (Christmas) bells and whistles, and to register a domain name.

Aren't you lucky?

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100 billion (or so) reasons you should think about e-commerce

Did you ever wonder just what the big deal with e-commerce is? Let me help you. Try to imagine a business selling stuff that's been around for a long time (i.e. established products in an established market). Picked one? Good. Now picture that business experiencing double-digit sales growth - year in, year out – just because the owners of that business chose to make a website to sell their stuff online. By now, you should start to get an idea of why, even today, some people still tend to get a little excited at the mere mention of the word.

So I'll mention it, just for you: “e-commerce”. There, excited?

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