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The makings of a webmaster

A lot of people hesitate before choosing to make a website, figuring that they don’t have the necessary skills, or anything interesting to say (my mother among them). Yet those same people don’t hesitate to doodle, to create a Facebook account, or plunge headfirst into creative activities like card making (my mother among them).

Being a webmaster isn’t about understanding the inner workings of web servers, HTML or web browsers – long gone are the days when you needed to understand complex things that aren’t necessarily your cup of tea. Website builder tools like doomby are designed to help anyone make a website, even people who have absolutely no knowledge of servers or code (my mother … well, you get the picture).


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Future-proof your site videos with HTML5

Add HTML5 videos to your websiteAdding videos to a website is a great way to engage visitors: it’s a much quicker, easier and more natural way of communicating certain types of content and ideas.

Unfortunately, web browsers have a hard time dealing with video content. Different video formats and browser technologies mean it’s difficult to make a website with videos function the same way from one browser or device to another. And sometimes, they just don’t work at all.

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Creative web design – fill the void with 4-0-fun

Creative 404 pagesI'm kinda old, so by now I've been on the internet for a while (yes, mother, believe it or not it was around before 2005). But even so, like most people, sometimes I still get a little lost in cyberspace. You probably do too – I mean, how many times have you wandered around a website only to find yourself at the end of a now-broken link, or made a typo when entering that page URL? If only I had a dollar for every time I'd come across the infamous 404 error page … It's almost unavoidable – no matter how conscientious you are when you make a website, or how fantastic and versatile your favorite free website maker is, inevitably someone, someday is going to try to access something on your website that just doesn't exist.

Thankfully, you don't have to let their experience be a painful one. It's easy to personalize your 404 error page using the free website builder tools included with your doomby website – just head to the page manager menu of your site manager, and away you go. And if you're looking for a way to turn simple navigational mistakes – or worse, broken links – into pleasant, positive experiences for your visitors, check out the following examples for a little creative inspiration.

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7 of the best free website development tools

Free website maker toolsOne of the neat things about working behind the scenes at doomby is getting to chat with our members. Whilst it's always great to connect with someone new, it's also – dare I say it – fun to find out something new every day about what drives our webmasters, about how to make a website, or just to discover new website builder tools.

We often get asked for advice on how to edit a photo, make an online form or the best website to make a favicon. And not a day goes by that we don't give tips on how to find webmaster tools or other free webmaster resources.

Here are a some of our favorites:

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2S website design: simplicity, and sincerity

Simple website design makes it easy to get the message.I have a confession to make. I've been stumbling around the doomby directory quite a lot over the last six months, and not everything I've seen has left me dumbfounded (with joy). My mother (like all mothers) probably thinks about me in pretty much the same way I think about the websites I've come across in that time. Whilst I'm proud as punch of every website I see – I'm truly, genuinely pleased to see people choosing to use our website builder tools to make a website – I'm not always overjoyed with the end result.

Of course, it's every webmaster's right to create a website exactly as they see fit, which is just as things should be. Part of what makes building a website such an enjoyable and enriching experience is the creative process itself, no matter what the end result looks like. Sometimes, though, it seems some people try a little too hard, or focus a little too much on their website design. When that happens, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the design process and lose sight of what one started out to do.

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