Create the buzz, boost your site traffic

Share your text, photos and videos across the web via social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When you and your visitors link and share your content across the world wide web, your online reputation grows, attracting more visitors to your site, and building your visibility in search engines.

Site content sharing made easy

Social networking

Use social networking to get your site noticed, and boost your visitor traffic. Enabling social sharing tools such as Facebook “Like” buttons, Twitter and Google +1 features on a page, or your whole site, and get your visitors to spread the word for you.

Auto-updating RSS content notifications

RSS feeds

Built-in RSS feeds means visitors can be instantly updated when you add new site content. They’re automatically generated and updated for you, and can be integrated with content aggregators like Netvibes or iGoogle quickly and easily.

Powerful blog tools

Make a blog

Publish updates to your blog to your heart’s content – just like you website pages, there are no limits to the number of posts you can add. Make your blog your own personal statement, and feel free to express yourself online the way you want to (after all, that’s what a blog is all about!). Better still, a blog is a great way to boost your site’s visibility in search engines.

Site newsletters

Send newsletters

Manage your newsletter subscriber list with ease, and quickly import address lists. Editing a newsletter is as easy as creating a page, and publishing takes just one click. It's as easy as creating document on Word, or sending an email.