Make a blog

Choosing to make a blog is a great way to communicate on the internet. Usually taking the form of a personal monologue, a blog is a series of brief posts or editorial-style articles published by the blogger, illustrated with images, videos or other visual supports. Use doomby to make a blog for free, make a news blog, keep friends up to date, or to present your business and promote your products when you create an online store.

Creating a blog is a perfect way to engage your audience and ensure visitors return to your site, and a doomby blog's built-in RSS feed is the perfect way to keep them updated quickly with your latest posts.

Why make a blog?

In the age of Web 2.0, to make a blog has become an integral part of online communication. A blog is the ideal complement for a website - it's updated regularly, and provides a simple way of sharing experiences and expertise, whether the subject matter is personal or professional. It's easy to create a blog, free, with doomby's online tools, just as it is to quickly and simply make a photo album, create a forum or publish an online diary or guestbook.

And best of all, to make and start a blog is child's play - you don't need to know any technical stuff and doomby's easy-to-use interface ensures even beginner bloggers can get online and start blogging in no time at all. Once online, visitors to your personal blog, associative blog, company blog, or school blog can start a dialog with you immediately, by leaving comments on your posts, or watching the videos, images or other interactive content added to your posts.

Make a free blog

Make a blog easily

When you create a blog, you provide yourself with a way to attract and keep a regular audience by updating content far more regularly than with a standard webpage. Your frequent updates also serve to help your positioning in search engine results - or SERP -, which give importance to regularly refreshed content. Linking your articles to meaningful keywords related to your website theme not only unifies them, it also improves your SERP, and gives your visitors a way of searching for and quickly locating articles of relevance.

How to make a free blog

Once registered, you can access your free tools to make a blog straight away from your website manager. Manage your blog categories, post an article or make a photo album - all these options (and a whole lot more) are available just as soon as you've created your free account.

These and other great tools and free widgets to complement your blog are available when you sign up to make a free website.

If you're a doombyPLUS webmaster, you can reserve part or all of your blog for registered site members, or allow selected members to post articles on your blog via a secured connection, transforming it into a collaborative blog. Add site webmaster user accounts to share posting and management.

Note that this feature is only available to those members who have chosen to make a pro website.