Make a directory

A website directory sorts links according to thematic categories, reflecting the contents of the website. Make a website directory to list your favorite websites and easily manage your categories.

Add and sort website links easily, or allow your site visitors to submit links themselves.

Why make a website directory?

Make a site directory

A web directory is a website that contains a listing of links to other websites, enabling visitors to search for a website that relates to a topic they are interested in.

There are generalist directories, specialized directories that contain links to sites dealing with a specific theme and geographical website directories that list sites located in or covering topics related to a given country or region etc.

There are a lot of directories on the internet, largely because of their popularity with webmasters who try to submit their websites to as many thematically-related directories as possible, in order to improve their page ranking and SERP results (Search Engine Results Page).


How to make a free web directory

Enable the site directory

It's easy to make a free website or a pro website with doomby, including a web directory.

Simply enable the directory add-on from your site manager, and make a generalist directory or a specialized directory in just a few clicks.

Add and organize sites

A certain number of predefined categories and sites are added be default to get you started, and you can add more as you go.

You can edit your categories and site links directly from your website manager.

Personalize directory settings

Begin by adding your own site, and organizing sites simply by using the integrated management tools.

Your site visitors can suggest sites directly by using the link in each of your directory categories, approved by you from the site manager.