Make a forum

With just a few clicks, make a free forum part of your website and get your visitors talking about your site's theme. Whether it's a car forum, game forum, travel forum, bike form, photo forum, how to forum or even an open forum, adding a discussion forum to your free website enables you to engage in the kind of conversation you want with your visitors, and manage it easily via categories.

Why create a forum?

Make a forum

An easy way to dialog with your visitors is to make a free forum a part of your website, providing them the opportunity to exchange ideas around topics relevant to you. You can easily make a news or gossip forum, make a game forum, a travel forum ... any subject you'd like, allowing your visitors to interact with you via their posted messages.

A forum can become a valuable addition when you make a free website or create a blog, as a forum provides your visitors with a meaningful, long-term means of participating on your website, becoming an integral part of your growing website community through mutual help and support.

How to make a forum, free

After registration, you can access the free forum tools straight away - add topics to your forum, manage categories, posts and comments quickly and simply. To start, just sign up for your free account.

When you enable your forum, begin by creating your first categories and configuring your forum options: personalize your forum's introductory text, enable or disable menu display within the forum and much more.

Use the integrated moderating tools to keep an eye on your forum content, stay in contact with your member community and to ensure your posters stay on-topic. Or enable content filtering to keep spammers at bay!

Services adapted for a professional website

To restrict forum access to selected people, or to attribute moderator status to a trusted poster or a specialist in a given field, simply use the site member features and access controls in your site manager. This additional feature set is available to all members who've chosen to make a professional website.