Make a members area on your website

doombyPLUS subscribers can create their very own members area on their site. Make a pro website to create site member accounts and restrict access to parts of your website. It's up to you to decide which content you would like to leave public, and which to reserve exclusively for your members. Applying access filters to your pages, products, forum, albums or blog ensures only connected and authorized site members can access them - you decide who access each page on your website.

Create a website to allow people to view your images, texts, videos and other content you publish on your web pages, wherever they are. Depending on the type of website your create, or the kind of business you're running, you might prefer to restrict access to some or all of your site contents. Be applying member access filtering features to your site content, you can ensure only authorized members have access to selected content on your website. And each page on your site can be fine-tuned to exclude some members, whilst allowing others. You decide which member accesses which page on your site.

How to make a member website

Member website benefits

Ensuring visitors are registered - and their identity verified - when visiting your website ensures they can:

  • Access exclusive site content
  • Connect to the forum as an authenticated member
  • Post comments on the blog, or on photos and pages whilst signed in
  • Communicate with other members via an integrated site chat
  • View other members' profiles and leave messages on their profile pages
  • Post articles to your blog if you've chosen to make a blog and use it collaboratively
  • Access selected items in your online store
  • View private documents and images
  • and much more.

Manage site members and site content

Site member management

As a doombyPLUS webmaster, you have access to a host of new possibilities by deciding to make a member area:

  • View the member list and edit members' details.
  • Choose forum moderators.
  • Attribute blog posting rights to selected members - you can elect whether or not these posts require your approval before publication.
  • Choose to restrict forum participation, photo album, page and blog comments to connected members only.
  • Personalized the member area hompage content and change the presentation of site elements according to whether a visitor is connected or not.
  • etc.