Make an online photo album

It only takes a few minutes to make an online photo album with doomby. It's child's play to publish and display photos on your website, create slideshows and organize albums with the Photo Album add-on.

The Photo Album add-on is the ideal tool for sharing photos on your website. Whether they be concert photos, wedding photos, portraits or landscapes, it takes just a few clicks to make an online photo album.

It's free to make a photo album or an online slideshow on doomby, whether you choose to make a free website or a pro website. All that changes is the number of photos you can stock in your online storage space and publish in your online photo album. With a free website, you can stock up to 250MB of images for your albums; pro websites made with doombyPLUS come with 2500MB of image storage (and that's a lot of images!).

When you make web pages for your site, you can integrate slideshows or images from your online photo albums in just a few clicks.

Share photos online

How to make an online photo album

How to make an online photo album

Unless you chose otherwise when creating your account, your Photo Album add-on is enabled as soon as you finish signing up to make a website.

To get started on your album, just head to your site manager. From the Add-ons menu, you'll be able to access all the settings of your album from the Photo album menu.

Then you're ready to:

Add and manage images

Add images

Use the multi-file upload tool, to transfer up to 50 photos at once.
Or you can add images one at a time. 

Choose album display settings

Add and manage albums

Sort your photos in categories, and define display sizes for your website (thumbnail, full-size, slideshow etc.).

Define album options

Configure album options

Adjust slideshow transitions, enable visitor comments, or reserve albums for registered site members with doombyPLUS.