Make a poll

Adding free polls when you make a website is simple and fun using the doomby's built-in poll maker tools - you don't need any special skills to make and publish online polls for your site visitors, with polling results updated instantly on your website.

Why make a poll?

An easy and quick way of getting your visitors' opinions on a topic is to make a poll. A free poll maker comes with your doomby website builder tools, no matter whether you've chosen to make a pro website or to make a free website, or even to make an online shop or online store.

The poll add-on is a simple way to add fun, entertaining and useful site content for you and your visitors, and is perfect for organizing an event, getting visitors to decide the name of your next webpage or to find out whether your website theme is of interest to your visitors.

Website poll

How to publish an online poll

Enable the poll add-on

It takes just a few clicks to make a poll, just as soon as you've registered. Just enable the poll add-on from your site manager from the Add-ons menu.

Add and manage polls

You won't need to wait endlessly for verification or be plagued by advertising, you can start to make your first poll as soon as you've enabled the add-on.

Create a site poll

Just add a question, choose a series of possible responses and select your preferred results display style. In less than a minute, your first poll will be published.