Manage site comments

Whether you want to create a free website, make a pro website or make an online store or online shop, a website is an ideal way to present your community group, association, hobbies, interests or business on the web and to interact with your visitors, customers, colleagues, fellow members or friends.

Enabling your site visitors to post comments on your blog, pages, online photo album or video gallery is one of the principal elements of the Web 2.0.

Over the last few years, websites have become more interactive, and active visitor participation to the development of website content is at the heart of the Web 2.0.

Enabling - and encouraging - your visitors to contribute to your website through comments is a great way to develop an interactive and engaging website, and build a regular audience. And a powerful way to gain invaluable feedback so you can adjust your website to meet the needs and expectations of your audience.

How to manage site comments

Manage website comments

Your visitors can comment the photos in your online photo album, your video gallery, blog posts and webpages.

As webmaster, you can decide how you'd like to handle site comments, and maintain control over your site contents.

At any moment, you can authorize or block comments, moderate comments prior to publication and edit new and existing comments left by your visitors.

How to encourage and publish site comments

To keep things simple, you can choose whether or not to allow comments for each item, add-on or your whole site. You can close comments for pages to ensure existing comments remain online, while preventing visitors from adding new ones.

Visitors add comments using a secured form, designed to limit the quantity of unwanted messages (spam) you'll receive. 

To ensure full control over comments, adjust the comments settings to ensure you've approved them before they're published on your website.

Manage comments directly from your site manager, to approve, edit or delete them. Comments are a perfect way to engage your visitors, get valuable feedback and create a website adapted to their interests - like a true pro webmaster.

How to display site comments

For an even more interactive website, you'll find a handy widget you can add to your website side menus for displaying your latest visitor site comments.

It's the perfect way to quickly show off your latest content additions by encouraging others to explore your comments and to contribute their own.