Make a family web site

Provide a space online for family members to share those special moments and events, no matter how far apart they may be. That's just part of what makes a family web site so special. When you make a family website, you provide everyone with the ideal way to share precious memories - it's a powerful tool everyone can use to publish family Christmas photos, share vacation snaps, that favorite family recipe or tip or family phone numbers and contact details.

doomby makes it easy to make a family website so children, parents, uncles, aunts, cousins and grandparents can help make a real family website: a fun family activity for all to share.

How to make a free family web site

Sign up to make a free family website and get your family together online with the web 2.0. Everyone can participate, and there is no software to install.

Use the simple yet full-featured web page editor to start sharing text, photos, videos and music on your family website. It's perfect for:

  • Presenting your family history, your family tree.
  • Sharing vacation snaps and holiday stories.
  • Publishing favorite family recipes, advice and tips.
  • Centralizing contact details for all the family.

One of the most useful features of making a family website is the ability to share photos and videos. doomby make it easy to make an online photo album, display a slideshow and publish an online video library. Family gatherings, children's performances, weddings, those first baby photos and videos, vacation photos ? these are all great ways of sharing the best of your family's life and enable distant family members and friends to share them with you, to comment images and videos, etc.

Family website

Stay in touch with your loved ones and never miss another event!

Make a family blog collaboratively to keep in touch with family and friends and share special moments, wherever you are: announce a happy occasion, share the latest developments of an important personal project (study, building a home, organizing a wedding etc.). Blog topics can be expanded on or discussed in your family forum. Choosing to make a forum is a great way to provide family members with a place to share and swap. It's perfect for sharing those DIY tips, treasured family recipe or just planning a family gathering.

Make an online diary as a way to ensure no-one ever forgets birthdays, anniversaries or other important occasions. Your doomby diary is a lot more useful than a simple calendar ? you can add details of events, access plans and planning details, making it easier to plan important events like weddings.

To protect your family's privacy, and share your family photos and videos in a secured area, use doombyPLUS to password-protect your site content, or restrict access to certain pages or features.

What are you waiting for? Make a family web site today!

To help you every step of the way, doomby provides a range of ways to get help to make a website via the free online support service, or call the hotline.